Ronja Eberle

Welcome to my homepage!

Graduated in Gender Studies and Southeast Asia Studies I am trained to do research from an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspective. Currently I am working on my PhD project on the controversy about Indonesia`s pornography law. In this media analysis, I am particularly interested in the intersecting relationships between nation, gender, sexuality, religion, ethnolocality, and space. Central research interests are the interrelation of gender orders and knowledge systems, which are analysed in the light of power relations and power structures in the Indonesian society as well as in an international context.

I like theories, thoughts and life experiences that broaden my horizon, enjoy to rethink my standpoints, approaches and methods, search for connections between my theoretical and practical experiences and love to discuss with people who are interested in challenges and transformations.

I am currently a postgraduate visitor at the “College of Asia and the Pacific” at the Australian National University.

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