My PhD

Working title: “Constructs of National Identity in the Media Controversy on Indonesia's Pornography Law – A Discourse Analysis of Rhetorical Modi”

In October 2008 the so-called “bill against pornography and porno-action” was ratified under the title “pornography law”. The long-lasting controversies about the bill can be seen as one of the most important fields where Indonesian national identity has been challenged and redefined in the last decade. At the intersection of Indonesian Studies and Gender Studies, my PhD project explores from a transdisciplinary, discourse-theoretical, and postcolonial-feminist perspective how knowledge about the pornography law is produced in the context of new global political constellations. My media analysis especially focuses on the intersecting relationships between nation, gender, sexuality, religion, ethnolocality, and space in arguments for and against the pornography law.

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Research interest

My actual research interests at the intersection of Southeast Asia Studies and Gender Studies are:

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